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The City Clerk is the official custodian of city records, in which she is responsible for the maintenance and safe-keeping of all permanent records. According to KRS 61.872, a public record is open to inspection by any person, unless exempted by the terms of the Open Records Act or some other statute or law. Anyone who wishes to inspect any city records must complete an Open Records Request form and submit to the City Clerk’s Office. This form can be received by the City Clerk via e-mail, mail, or dropped off at the City Building. The City Clerk must respond to an open records request within three working days in one of three following ways:

The City Clerk may grant the request and provide the information.
The City Clerk may deny the request but she must provide the reason for the denial.
The City Clerk must respond that the request will take longer than three days to grant.

Individuals who submit an Open Records Request and live in Kenton County must pick up their requested information at the City Building, at which time they will be charged a fee of $.10 per copy.

Individuals who live outside of Kenton County can have their requested information mailed to them. They must pay $.10 per copy and postage prior to their request being mailed.

Those who request a copy of a CD will be charged $5.00 per CD.

Only the items listed on the Open Records Request form will be provided.

Please click on Open Records Request Form.