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Since September 11, 2001, the demands on state and local law enforcement have increased dramatically. As a result, the already limited resources of these agencies are being stretched further than ever, at a time when the country needs every available officer out on the beat. In many jurisdictions around the country, volunteers in the community have offered their time, skills and services to law enforcement agencies. These citizen volunteers help supplement and support officers and civilian personnel by allowing them to concentrate on their primary duties.

Volunteer roles may include performing clerical tasks, serving as an extra set of “eyes and ears,” assisting with search and rescue activities, and writing citations for accessible parking violations.


Due to the sensitivity of the position and fact that you may have access to confidential information we must take certain steps. The first step taken would be for you to apply. Applications are available at the Erlanger Police Department located at 505 Commonwealth Avenue in Erlanger. The application will then be reviewed by the staff. Next a character reference and background check will be performed. An interview will then be conducted with you and a copy of your fingerprints will be taken. Once we have received all of the information back that is needed, you will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance. If accepted, you will then be required to take a 4 hour orientation class.


After the completion and approval of the VIPS’ background, each candidate must complete the training set forth to be a volunteer for the Erlanger Police Department. The average time frame for each training session is around two hours per month. The training sessions are CPR, First Aid, Radio Equipment and Communication Etiquette, Traffic Safety “directing”, Defensive Driving class (in order to drive the city vehicle) and approximately a four-hour Human Resource Orientation and Drug Screen.

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