The City of Erlanger is supporting its own “Tip Challenge” to support the service industry in the city. The City pits supporters of Dixie Heights High School versus supporters of Lloyd High School in a friendly challenge that will bolster all service industry workers in Erlanger.

To participate, simply write your slogan on your receipt showing your allegiance to either school, or both, and take a photo. Post the photo on the City of Erlanger’s Facebook page. The City will then share the photo of the receipt on their Facebook celebrating your support and challenging the opposing schools to match or beat your challenge.

Modeled after the Cross-Town Tip Challenge in Cincinnati, Erlanger’s challenge began as customer driven inspiration at the Colonial Cottage Restaurant. The city wanted to open the challenge up to all service industry workers in Erlanger. The City is encouraging residents to go out to their favorite restaurant, car wash, dry cleaners, etc. to challenge their neighbors in this friendly competition and to show support for the hard-hit service industry in Erlanger.