Republic Services Trash & Recycling Update from Mayor Fette

To the Residents of Erlanger,

We understand the trash and recycling collection has been quite the struggle over the past few weeks with Republic Services. We are nearing the end of our contract with them and things will change soon; however, that doesn’t fix the situation now. We have spoken with Republic Services about their communication and the setting of appropriate expectations when they aren’t going to be able to keep their daily routes. Republic Services states that they are having a very difficult time hiring and maintaining staffing levels necessary to meet the service level agreement to Erlanger. They are committed to increasing communication over the last few weeks and we will communicate out to you the messages we receive.

As of early this morning, the final streets that are on the Tuesday trash route have been collected. Image below shows the GPS pings of the garbage truck. Please let us know if you have any issues with collection on other daily routes. Thank you for your continued support on this matter.

-Mayor Jessica Fette