The City of Erlanger is issuing fireworks safety and etiquette for residents ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

“In preparation for Fourth of July, we wanted to put out these safety and etiquette guidelines to follow when setting off fireworks. We ask the community to follow these guidelines so everyone in Erlanger can have a fun and safe holiday,” said Erlanger Police Chief, Kyle Rader.

Kentucky law (KRS 227.715) states that a person must be at least 18 years of age to possess fireworks. Fireworks must not be ignited within two hundred feet of any structure or vehicle. Fireworks should cease by 11:00 p.m. or 2 hours after dark, whichever comes first.

For those using fireworks, the Erlanger Fire Department recommends the purchase of new fireworks each season from a licensed retailer and never use outdated fireworks. Wear eye protection and ear protection when setting off fireworks and do not wear loose fitting clothing.  Tie back long hair and make sure the area you are lighting fireworks on a surface that is not easily flammable. Always supervise young children and make sure they are a safe distance away from fireworks.

“We ask residents to be courteous and only light fireworks during the week of Fourth of July. This is the time when neighbors might expect to hear them. Lighting fireworks outside could be startling to people with sensory issues, as they are unexpected,” said Chief Rader.  

If you are going to light off fireworks, please be courteous to your neighbors by letting them know your plans and cleaning up any leftover containers, wrappers, stems and charred cardboard. The City of Erlanger wishes everyone a happy and safe Independence Day!