DAV’s Field of Flags to Honor Service Members – Partnering with the City of Erlanger

ERLANGER, KY. – DAV (Disabled American Veterans) has launched its Field of Flags campaign to allow families and friends to sponsor flags honoring their loved ones. The campaign runs through September 11 with the flags being displayed for the public to view during the final week of the month.

DAV is partnering with the city of Erlanger, the site of the organization’s new national headquarters building, to plant flags in nearby Flagship Park.

 “We are so blessed to partner with such a well renowned, community-driven organization like DAV,” said Jessica Fette, Mayor of Erlanger. “The value they add to our Erlanger community is far reaching and critically important. We look forward to a long, growing relationship.” 

Through donations to DAV, the public can honor veterans through the Field of Flags campaign in several ways—a virtual flag, a flag placed at the park, or a garden flag for their home.

By visiting www.fieldofflags.org, donors have the option of making a $25 gift which will place an actual flag in their honor, or in honor of a loved one at Flagship Park; a gift of $50 will receive a 3’ x 5’ flag, sent to the donors home; and for $10, a virtual flag in honor will be recognized on the DAV Field of Flags campaign website.

“This is a patriotic way to pay homage to those who served,” said Marc Burgess, DAV national adjutant and CEO. “Field of Flags is easy to join, can be done virtually, and allows for community involvement without taking time away from daily activities.”