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Customer Service         513-771-4200

Republic Services collects residential waste and recycling in the City of Erlanger. One ninety six gallon tote is provided to each single family residence (with no more than four separate residences therein) at no extra charge for household waste collection. One sixty five gallon tote is also provided at no additional charge to those signed up to participant in Republic Services’ curbside recycling program. For those who may need more than one tote, an additional tote can be provided at no extra charge from Republic Services. However, Republic Services will also empty trash from other totes or store bought garbage cans as well. Please note that due to the equipment extensions of the Republic Services’ trucks (the “claw”), store bought totes may incur damages due to the thinner material they are made of. Utilizing Republic Services’ totes are recommended.

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Only Place These Items in the Recycling Container

Republic Services offers Erlanger residents once a week household waste collection. If you are interested in curbside recycling, Republic Services will collect your recycling once a week as well. Both collection dates will occur on the same day by two different trucks. To find out what day Republic Services collects your trash or recycling on your street, please view their waste collection schedule.

Please remember the following when setting out your trash:

For any item that is more than 4 feet long, the item must be cut to at least 4 feet in length and then bundled together for collection.

All loose waste or trash should be placed into a plastic garbage bag prior to placing in your tote. Loose items will fall out while being dumped into the waste collection truck. This is not the responsibility of the Republic Services’ driver, but of the property owner to clean up.

Any large items or items weighing more than 75 pounds may not be collected by your regular waste collection truck. If you are setting out these items, you must contact Republic Services to arrange for a truck to collect them. Republic Services may need to send out a special truck and according to the amount, sizes, weight, etc, there may be additional charges.

Do not place automotive fluids, parts and tires in excess of four per resident per year, hazardous waste, and items designated for the use of freon therein such as refrigerators or air conditioners unless all the freon has been removed and certified with the trash intended for collection by Republic Services. Construction materials are accepted but must follow the above guidelines.

Do not place dirt, gravel, rocks, and other similar items in the totes. This will not be collected.

Do not place items with bed bugs out for collection unless the items are wrapped and sealed securely in plastic.

Collection will not occur on Sundays or on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day. If your collection day falls on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day and it is not a Sunday, your trash will be collected on the following day that is not a Sunday.

Republic Services has 24 hours to remedy any missed collections.


Customer Service         513-771-4200

Republic Services offers recycling collection once a week. To sign up for this program, please contact Republic Services’ Customer Service. You will be provided with one sixty five gallon recycling tote at no extra charge. Please review the list of acceptable recycling items. Items not mentioned on this list or listed as unacceptable should be placed with your regular household waste.

Please remember that your recycling will be collected on the same day as your household waste by two different Republic Services collection trucks.

If you are not interested in participating in Republic Services’ recycling program but are still interested in recycling, please view the list of recycling drop-off locations in our area.