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859-727-2525        505 Commonwealth Avenue, Erlanger, KY 41018

Any resident who wishes to have their address placed on a list prohibiting uninvited solicitation on their property, please fill out an Anti-Solicitation registration form. Any solicitor who approaches an Erlanger resident must be able to present a copy of an Erlanger Solicitation application that has been approved by the city. The application is only good for one year. If your address is on the “Do Not Knock” list, please get the name of the company they are soliciting for and contact the Erlanger Police department at 727-2424.

Please click on Anti-Solicitation Form.


Anyone wanting to solicit in the City of Erlanger must fill out a Solicitor Registration Form. A form can be found below or picked up at the Administration Department. Once the form is completed, it must be reviewed by the Erlanger Police Department and returned to the Administration Department. A copy of the Solicitor’s Kenton County Occupational License must be submitted as well. The Administration Department will present all registered solicitors with a list of addresses that cannot be solicited at. While soliciting, a copy of the registration form and the list of non-soliciting addresses must be with the solicitor in case they are asked to present them.

Religious organizations do not have to register to solicit.

Please click on Solicitor Registration Form.