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Cities operate daily mostly through ordinances. An ordinance is an official and permanent action of Erlanger’s City Council that may be punishable by civil or criminal penalty if violated. The City Clerk must maintain all ordinances in a minute book. They are also indexed or codified in a code of ordinances (arranged into a systematic collection). The City of Erlanger codifies their ordinances at the end of each calendar year.

The link to access our codified ordinances is City of Erlanger Codified Ordinances. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 859-727-2525. Thank you.

Please Note: Ordinances are not official until they have been passed by council and have been published by law in the Kentucky Enquirer.

Ordinances that have had their first reading, but have not been voted on by Council – These are DRAFT ordinances:

Ordinance KBI Incentives – CCBCC

Ordinance KBI Incentives – ABB/Con-Cise

Ordinances that have had their second reading, have been voted on by Council, and have been submitted for publication in the Enquirer:

Ordinance #2484 Annexation Unincorporated Property

Ordinance #2483 FY 2019-2020 Tax Rates

You can view or print these recently passed ordinances listed below. These ordinances are in effect, but have not yet been codified.

Ordinance #2482 Wage Scale

Ordinance #2481 Code of Ordinances Supplement S-3

Ordinance #2480 Small Business Incentive

Ordinance #2479 FY20 Budget

Ordinance #2478 Amended FY19 Budget

Ordinance #2477 Tattoo Parlors Attachment

Ordinance #2476 Pet Hotels Attachment

Ordinance #2475 ADM Incentives

Ordinance #2474 State Building Code

Ordinance #2473 PD Budget Amendment  Attachment

Ordinance #2472 FY18-19 Tax Rates

Ordinance #2471 Pay Wage Scale

Ordinance #2470 Codified Ordinances

Ordinance #2469 FY 2019 Budget Attachment

Ordinance #2468 FY 2018 Amended Budget Attachment

Ordinance  #2467 School Zone

Ordinance #2466 Marcus Carey Property Attachment

Ordinance #2465 Amended Pay Scale

Ordinance #2464 Map Amendment List Property Attachment

Ordinance #2463 Wage Scale

Ordinance #2462 Codified Ordinances

Ordinance #2461 Sign Text Amendment Attachment 1 Attachment 2

Ordinance #2460 Child Care Centers Text Amendment Attachment

Ordinance #2459 Impound Fees

Ordinance #2458 Firearms

Ordinance #2457 Houston/Erlanger Road Development Area Attachment 1 Attachment 2

Ordinance #2456 Payroll Tax Incentives