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Cities operate daily mostly through ordinances. An ordinance is an official and permanent action of Erlanger’s City Council that may be punishable by civil or criminal penalty if violated. The City Clerk must maintain all ordinances in a minute book. They are also indexed or codified in a code of ordinances (arranged into a systematic collection). The City of Erlanger codifies their ordinances at the end of each calendar year.

The link to access our codified ordinances is City of Erlanger Codified Ordinances. The link to access Kenton County Ordinances is Kenton County Ordinances. The link to access Kenton County Ordinances (Animals) is Kenton County Ordinances (Animals). The link to access Kenton County Animal Control is Kenton County Animal Control.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 859.727.2525. Thank you. 

Please Note: Ordinances are not official until they have been passed by council and have been published by law in the Kentucky Enquirer.

You can view or print these recently passed ordinances listed below. These ordinances are in effect, but have not yet been codified.

Ordinance # 2534  Tree City USA – Urban Forest Commission  with Summary

Ordinance # 2533 Pay Scale Ordinance (revision) 2021 with Summary

Ordinance # 2532 Erlanger City Council Reduction Ordinance Nine with Summary

Ordinance # 2531 Chicken Regulation Ordinance  with Summary

Ordinance # 2530 FY22 Budget Amendment 1 with  Attachment and Summary

Ordinance # 2529 – FY21 Budget Amendment 5 with  Attachment

Ordinance #2528  – Z21 Text and Map Amendment

Ordinance #2527 Tax Rate FY 21-22 with Summary

Ordinance #2526 Code of Ordinances with Summary

Ordinance #2525 Approving KBI Incentives – Atlas Air

Ordinance #2524 Building Permit Fee Revisions

Ordinance #2523 Amended Pay Scale

Ordinance #2522 FY22 Budget with Attachment 

Ordinance #2521 FY21 Budget Amendment with Attachment

Ordinance #2520 Demolition Amendment

Ordinance #2519 Small Business Incentive

Ordinance #2518 FY21 Budget Amendment 3 with Attachment

Ordinance #2488 Amended Nuisance

Ordinance #2489 Amended Vicious Dog

Ordinance #2490 Wireline Franchise Agreement  Ordinance Wireline Franchise Agreement Attachment

Ordinance #2491  Atlas Airway

Ordinance # 2492 Insurance Premium Tax

Ordinance #2493 K-9 Officer Retirement Care

Ordinance #2494 Modification of Compensation of Elected Officials

Ordinance #2495 Amendment to Post Secondary Education Scholarship

Ordinance #2496 Economic Incentive and Grant for Blighted Property

Ordinance #2497 FY20 Budget Amendment

Ordinance #2497 FY20 Budget Amendment Attachment

Ordinance #2498 FY21 Budget Ordinance

Ordinance # 2498 FY21 Budget Attachment 2nd reading

Ordinance #2499 Amending Recreational Vehicle, Boat, or Trailer Storage for Residential Zone

Ordinance #2500 Outdoor Seating and Home Occupations Amended

Ordinance #2501 TIF District #2

Ordinance #2501 TIF District #2 Amendment

Ordinance #2502 Updated Wage Scale for the City of Erlanger

Ordinance #2503 Supplement to Code of Ordinances

Ordinance #2504 FY20-21 Tax Rates

Ordinance # 2505 Amending Ord# 2480 Small Business Incentive Grant

Ordinance #2505 Small Business Incentive Grant Application Attachment

Ordinance #2506 Right of Way Closure

Ordinance # 2507 Code of Ethics Ordinance Revision and Summary

Ordinance #2508 Erlanger Animal Ordinance and Summary 

Ordinance #2509 Nuisance Amendment and Summary

Ordinance #2510 Erlanger Electric Franchise and Summary

Ordinance #2511 Erlanger Natural Gas Franchise and Summary

Ordinance #2512 FY21 Budget Amendment, Budget Amendment Attachment and Summary

Ordinance #2513 Budget Amendment, Budget Attachment 2 and Budget Amendment 2 Summary

Ordinance #2514 Erlanger Duke Energy Franchise Acceptance and Summary

Ordinance #2515 Erlanger Owen Electric Energy Franchise Acceptance and Summary

The following Ordinances were not passed by Erlanger City Council: 

Ord# Erlanger City Council Reduction