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City of Erlanger Building/Zoning Dept. 305 Commonwealth Ave. Erlanger, KY 41018 Phone:  (859) 727-7992 Fax:  (859) 727-7944 Office Hours Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm


Please note that building plans and other required documentation must be submitted with your downloaded permit application. Please do not fax or mail your permit application separately to our office.

Thank you.


  • Residential Building Permit Application
  • Commercial Building Permit Application
  • Zoning Permit (Accessory Structure)
  • Zoning Permit (Residential Dwelling Unit)
  • Homeowners Electrical Permit Application
  • HVAC Applications
  • Sign Permit


  • Finished Basements
  • Garages
  • Post and frame (Pole Barns)
  • Porch Roofs or Porch Enclosures
  • Sheds
  • Swimming Pools
  • Deck Specifications
  • Requirements For Sign Permits
  • Retaining Walls
  • Hot Tubs


  • State Permit Application for Construction in a Floodplain
  • A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home
  • Procedure for Checking the Status of Your Building Permit
  • Affidavit of Assurances (Please reference the FAQ’s for more information)
  • Request/Complaint Form