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Why is a HVAC replacement permit required?

The State requires permits and inspections for all HVAC units to ensure safety and efficiency.

What inspections are required on HVAC?

On new HVAC installations, an HVAC rough–in inspection will be performed before framing has been insulated, and an HVAC Final inspection will be performed in conjunction with the house’s final inspection. On HVAC replacements, only an HVAC Final inspection will be performed, when the installation is complete.

What happens if I fail to obtain a permit?

If work is performed without a permit, a fine will be levied in addition to the original permit fee. See the violation schedule in the general information.

What if an emergency repair is needed?

If an HVAC system needs an emergency repair, contact us at 859 334 2218 or 859 334 3979 and let us know. If the emergency occurs on a weekend or a holiday, leave a message informing us of the work involved, the contractor and the job address, and apply for the permit on the next business day. If permit has not been applied for by the end of the next business day then the permit will receive a double permit fee.

Can a homeowner apply for their own residential HVAC permit?

Yes they can, but only once in any 5 year period. Please reference the HVAC Permit requirements in the Residential tab for application requirements. Also, a permit is required for furnaces regardless of fuel type (electric, natural gas, geothermal,etc.). In addition anything involving condensing units, heat pump, fan coil units, or boiler systems not covered by KRS Chapter 236 requires a permit.

Does an installer need to be licensed?

Absolutely! Anyone other than a homeowner doing their own work will need to provide a copy of their master license when they apply for their HVAC permit. Other than a homeowner, only a Master HVAC contractor can make application and sign for an HVAC permit.

When are HVAC permits required to go through the State of Kentucky?

Projects under State of Kentucky jurisdiction (hazardous buildings, daycares, hospitals, etc.) are reviewed by the State of Kentucky. If you are unsure of jurisdictional authority, please contact our office.