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ERLANGER, Ky. — Erlanger City Administrator Matthew Kremer – who is described by Mayor Jessica Fette as “dependable, responsive, diligent, respectful and compassionate” – has been nominated as for the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) Employee of the Year Award.

Kremer, a U.S. Army Reserves veteran who served in Iraq and a former Erlanger Police Patrol Sergeant, became city administrator in 2017.

“Matthew Kremer is one of the most driven and determined individuals to ever grace the City of Erlanger,” Mayor Fette wrote in her nomination letter. “Matthew is a born leader. He pushes his staff to be the best version of themselves and facilitates an extremely positive and motivational work environment.  Matthew goes above and beyond his assigned duties and responsibilities to impact his local government or community each day.”

Several of Kremer’s colleagues also wrote nomination letters. Following are excerpts of their comments about Kremer:

Erlanger City Attorney Jack Gatlin

I have worked with and for Government for 20 years and have never met an employee that cares more for his City and his staff than Matt Kremer. There are hundreds, if not thousands of books that try to define leadership. Matt Kremer is the epitome of a leader and one does not need to read any of the leadership books- but just follow Matt for a day and see how to project leadership.

Erlanger Finance Director Kara Kramer

Matt is a true leader.  His focus is on his people, not his power. He is patient, caring and the glue that holds our team together. Matt is always reading books and has motivated me to start reading more.

Erlanger Police Chief Kyle Rader

Matt has been instrumental to the police department throughout the last several years on some of our biggest calls. When the department had its first officer-involved shooting in years, Matt came to the scene for the sole purpose of assisting us in any way possible. The guy who is in charge of the entire city was willing to help jockey cars around the scene, and go get food and drinks for officers on the scene. We did not need him there, and he knew that but offered to help in a stressful time. He has done this time and time again, and what makes it so valuable, is we know he is not there to snoop, or find details of the call, he is there, in the rain, or after hours, when he could be at home, to help us with whatever is needed.

Erlanger Fire Chief Todd Whitaker

Leadership is often about making the tough decisions, and his courageous effort towards instilling this ability in all of his employees has refreshed those around him. Matt looks to progress and improve each department in which he manages, thereby improving the overall quality of service delivery from our city.

Erlanger City Clerk Sherry Hoffman

Matt knows who he is as a person and leader (has a strong self-awareness). Because he has a strong sense of ethics, understanding, and responds effectively to his and his team’s emotions, he is able to make better decisions while at work. He has the ability to put the needs of himself and others aside to make the decision to do what is best for the City as a whole. He influences with integrity, negotiates for better services, is active in solving issues, appreciates other suggestions, empowers employees, and provides resources to ensure their success

Planning and Development Services of Kenton County Executive Director Sharmili Reddy

Matt is highly regarded amongst City administrators due to the time he dedicates towards the betterment of the profession. He understands that the larger goal is to collectively raise public officials by collaborating across jurisdictions. He is always sharing information regarding the issues his City faces and looking for other more creative ways in which others may have tackled the same issue. During the early stages of COV-ID, Matt was one of the first ones to start the discussion amongst City Administrators on creative ways to address potential employee shortage issues. He shared how his City was approaching the issue which prompted much discussion that helped others.

Kremer serves as president of the Northern Kentucky City and County Managers Association, is a member of the Kentucky City and County Managers Association Legislative Committee and a member of the International City Managers Association. 

In addition, Kremer is active in community service and volunteerism. He is a member of Watch D.O.G.S (Dad’s of Great Students), is a second grade instructor for the Parish School of Religion at St. Thomas Parish in Fort Thomas and was an elementary instructor for Junior Achievement USA.

Kremer and his wife, Angie, are the parents of three children.