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It is once again time for snow to fall and for the roads and driving to get bad. There are a couple of things that we would like to address so that we can provide the best possible service to you.

We only have 5 trucks that provide snow removal for the entire city during a snow storm. We try to run routes that will best service the city in a timely manner, but also provide the best treatment possible.

We take care of the snow emergency routes first and then the secondary streets. During some storms, we may have to concentrate on the emergency routes more than the secondary streets. We will get to your street.

If you would like to know if your street is an emergency route, please check on SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES.

A snow emergency can be declared by City Officials or be automatically put in place if the accumulation of snow or ice exceeds 2 inches.

If an emergency is declared and you live on an emergency route street, then you will be required by law to move your car. All cul de sacs are included in snow emergencies.

If there is no emergency declared, we ask that you still move your car and not park in the cul de sacs.

Sorry ! When snow plow drivers clear residential streets, their plows will throw snow to the side and into the driveways. There is no way to clear the street without this inconvenience.

Where to Store the Snow: Wondering what to do with the snow from the driveways? Snow clearing contractors and private property owners should arrange to store snow in front, side yards, or areas where the owner has given permission. Please use common courtesy to neighbors by not pushing or blowing snow onto their property. It is unlawful to pile snow in a manner that blocks or covers street signs, culvert inlets and outlets, other drainage structures, or Fire Hydrants.

Pushing Snow into Streets: Under no circumstances may snow be plowed or blown in a manner that interferes with snow removal operations, or with the public’s normal use of the roadways and streets. When removing snow from private property, regardless of the type of equipment used, no loose or packed snow shall be allowed to remain on the public roadway or street. Private Driveways and Entrances shall be the responsibility of the residential owner, occupant, community association, or business for snow removal. (To reduce the the problem of snow being plowed back into driveways, snow should be shoveled into yards rather than into the streets.)

We thank you for your cooperation and with your help, hopefully we can make this a safe winter.

As always, please feel free to contact the Erlanger Public Works Department at : or you can call 859.727.7628.

Thank you and have a safe winter.