1. Recipient of name placement on the Memorial must be or have been an Employee, Volunteer, Elected Official or Board Member of the City of Erlanger.

  2. The recipient, having left the City of Erlanger, must have ended his or her tenure in good standing.

  3. Tenure time will consist of the number of years serving the City of Erlanger, not necessarily the number of continuous years.

  4. If death occurs within the line of duty with the City of Erlanger, the individual will automatically be placed upon the Memorial.

  5. With the exception of Number 4, Employees, Volunteers, Elected Officials, and Board Members who meet the first 3 requirements will have their names placed on the Memorial if they meet the following minimum Service Years.

    • An Employee – 20 Years.
    • A Volunteer – 10 Years
    • An Elected Official — 10 Years. 
    • An Appointed Board Member — 10 Years. 
  6. Recipient’s name on the Memorial will be followed by his/her department and will not consist of his/her title.

  7. Name placement on the Memorial is to be done randomly and not by department.

  8. In the event of a death in the line of duty, the recipient will have a cross preceding his/her name.

  9. A Volunteer, Elected Official, or Board Member whose service years exceed 50 Years will be recognized with a star preceding his/her name.

  10. A person whose status moves from a Volunteer to Employee of the City of Erlanger or visa versa may have their name placed on the Memorial after 15 years of service.

  11. In the event that a Volunteer or Employee is close to achieving the minimum years and becomes disabled while active with the City of Erlanger, the Memorial Board shall make the decision of the individual’s inclusion.