Erlanger Salutes Armed Forces Program

The City of Erlanger offers Military Honor Banners that are displayed from Memorial Day through Veteran’s Day. The purpose of the program is to recognize and honor individuals who are currently serving or who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The honoree’s name, photo, armed service branch and rank are displayed on a banner, flown from existing street utility poles along Dixie Highway and Commonwealth Avenue.

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Richard Shumacher was drafted in 1965. He served in the Army until 1967, most of his time was spent in Frankfort, Germany.

Bio provided by Beverly Schumacher

current and past honorees

A.C. Brown

Alan M. Franks

Allen L. McDonald

Arthur Bernard Pranger

Arthur Newton Ingram

Ben Blankenship

Brian Earley

Carl Runion

Carl “Moose” Kammerer

Charles W. Foster

Charles Johnson

Charles Pinkelton Jr.

Chester E. Bishop

Conor Boyle

David Kelly Rabe

Donald Forest Doan

Donna Douba

Dr. George Thomas “Tom” Donovan Sr. 

Ed Foster

Ed Nordloh

Edward L. Bishop

Elmer Brent Sturm

Eric D. Rolf

Floyd R. Smith

Gary Dunhoft

Gary Mac Mitchell

Gene Hughes

George Tom Donovan Jr.

George B. Myfelt

Harold B. Williams

Henry Francis Stillman

Herbert Kemen

Ira Pyles

James E. Ryan

James H. Vioxx III

James McMain

James Robinson

James Ronald Perry

James V. Speier

Jason Ray Manning

Jim and Carol Hammond

Joe Hamilton

John Dunhoft

John E. Martin

John F. Dunhoft

John Jorge

John S. Martin

John Richard Westwood

John Scheben Sr. 

Johnny M. Lee

Joseph Charles “Jay” Brandner

Joseph Zimmer

Kenny Dunhoft

Larry Wilson

Lee R. Frakes

Les Daulton

Lonell Dunhoft

Lyle D. Daugherty

Matthew Kremer

Matthew A. Williams

Michael S. Wind

Michael Walsh

Morgan Daniel “Dan” O’Rourke

Nathaniel Guilfoyle

Norman Blankenship

Norman H. Johnson

Oliver “Buck” Skidmore

Paul Burgheim

Paul H. Swanson

Paul James Vogelpohl

Philip Taliaferro III

Philip Taliaferro

Raymond “Rocky” Lockard

Raymond Lee Johnson

Raymond Rauen

Richard J. Wiener Sr.

Richard Schumacher

Robert B. Nienaber

Robert Charles Smith

Robert F. Luckhardt Sr.

Robert “Bob” Tholemeier

Ronald Siemer

Ronnie Brooks

Ronnie Troxell

Rudy Hermes

Rudy Szabo

Ruey A. Newsom II

Ted H. Feldmann

Ted Martin

Thomas M. Kirst

Tim Dailey

Tony W. Closser

Vernon “Aggie” Agnor

Vito LaCorte Sr. 

W. Elmo Flynn

Wayne Stewart

William “Bill” Woodside

William “Gary” Hermmann

William Davis

William Drake Robinson

William E. Koch

William Gearheart “Geary” Martin

William Hige McIntosh

For more information on the qualifications for an honor banner or to apply on behalf of yourself or a family member, click here. For questions regarding the program, please contact City of Erlanger at 859.727.2525.