friendship garden wall

“In appreciation to these employees and volunteers who have exemplified service above self through their dedication and commitment to the City of Erlanger.”

Bill J. Allen

Jerry Billiter

Tom Cahill Jr.

Charles W. Dickhaut

Mary Golatzki-Egan

Daniel Fern

Ben Gilbert

Julianne Harris

Phyllis Isaac

Mark Jolly

Jim Koch

John Layne

Mary E. McClure

Linda Newberry

Paul L. Ober Jr.

O.K. Price

Sue Robinson

Fred Scheben Sr.

Tim Thames

Troy Vines

Richard Wheelwright

Kenneth Yaden

Carol A. Ansari

Tony Beagle

Ralph Cook

Jackie Debruyn

Doug Eifert

Betty Margaret Fortner

Gus Gebhart

J.W. Haley

John Iott

Darryl Jouett

Gene Kessen

Paul Lageman

Diane Martin

Stewart E. Newhall

Marc T. Otto Sr.

Ray Price

Buddy Rembrandt

Andy Scheben Sr.

Anthony P. Thomas

Alonzo Victor Jr.

Glenn M. Wells

David Michael Antrobus

Rick Beatty

Ronald L. Crone

Kevin Davis

Chad Girdler

Rose Herzog

Wainwirght Kruse

Norm Lyle

Sandy Mulligan

Don Rainone

Darlene Schneider

Sherri Wind

Jeanne Brinkman

Albert Hilton

Vicki Kyle

Mike Leming

Vicki McMullen

Todd Rice

Larry Schneider

Woodie Woodward

Richard M. Brophy

Sherry D. Hoffman

Kim Klare

Justin Brinkman

Rose Marie Stambush 

Diane Brown

Michael Steffen

Mark Stewart 

Jeff W. Debruyn

James J. Eifert

Lee Frakes

Bill Gentry

Mark Haley

Andrew Ifcic

Jim Jomes

Mark Klocker

Tad Lainhart

Bill May

Ruey Newsom

Greg Pohlman

Lucy Rouse-Riffle

Bill Scheben

Deborah C. Trumble

James H. Viox III

Lois Wells

Earl Alcorn

Thomas Bailey

Jim Clifton

Virgil Day

Frank Edwards

Vic Fender

Joe Garera

Patricia A. Hahn

Mike Jansing

Jeffery P. Kennedy

Wilma R. LaBare

Mike Mann

Missy Pollard

Joyce Reis

Terry Sapp

Bob Tholemeier

Virginia Van Camp

Ed Webster

Frank Ash

Chris Beckman

Kathy Cahill

Frank Dehner

Dave Eifert

Patricia Frakes

Laura Gentry

John D. Harris

Philip Kloenne

Sue Lampke

Randy McMullen

Brian Robinson

Robert Schneider

Tony Wilson

Ollie Brown

Robert F. Hucker

Hubert Miller

Scott Reusing

Lisa Scheidt

Rhonda Wolfe

Carol Ann Butcher

Victor G. Huser

Roger Paul Moeller

Sue Robinson

William Schoborg

Dale Wilson

L.A. Butler

Jack Huff

James Molley

Todd D. Schulkers

Katherine M. Stephens 

Patty Winston-Suedkamp 

Joy Sullivan 

Paul H. Swanson 

David Smith

Craig Stewart 

Mac McChesney

Corine Pitts

James Roberts

Fred Scheben Jr.

Chester A. Turner

James H. Viox Jr.

Sue Wells

J. Scott Abney

Carol Bailey

Henry F. Childress

Terry Davies

Garry A. Fender Sr.

Henry Gardener

David Hahn

John Kemp

Paul D. LaBare

William H. Mai

Pete Pettit

John Reis

Greg Sandel

Edward Taylor

Clayton M. Van Camp

Roger Wagner

Matt Allen

Richard J. Bohl

Paul Clark

John A. Domaschko

Earl Franks

Robert Gilham

Clyde Hawkins

Tim Koenig

Todd Lincoln

Kay Miller

Clyde L. Rouse

John Scheben Jr.

Fred Thomas

Russell N. Victor

Ray Whitson

Robert Arens

T.T. Bird

Phillip Clare

Joe Domaschko

Marc Fields

Edward Gilham

Frank Hauer

Tim Beetem

Keith Henry

Dave McQuerry

Garfield Sexton 

Michael Bianchi

Tim Herrmann

Mary E. Moeller

Ralph Sexton 

Tim Black

Bill Howard

Jeff Mosier

Dave Shadoan 

Rick Bogard

Lisa Hume

Todd Mitchell

Bruce L. Smith 

Kevin Brinkman

Ed Millican

Eric F. Smith 

Jim Brophy

Monica Smith 

Kevin Burke

Sylvan Smith 

Randy Blankenship

Orville Sorrell

Ralph Sydnor

Darcy Koenig

Charles Lewis

Russell McClure

Frank Rose

Joe Scheben

Dave Vonderschmidt

Frank A. Wichmann

Terry J. Allen

Walter Bain

Plummer Clifton

Pete Debruyn

Fred Ficke

Dianna Gates

Paul D. Hahn

Jim Kennedy

Bob Lageman

Bill Martin

Marvin R. Releford

Andy Scheben Jr.

Jeanie Smith-Webster

Nancy Bolte

Pat Collura

Bob Douglas

Carolyn Fultz

Joe Goodrich

Larry Head

Ray Kordenbrock

Thomas G. Loos

Mac McMullen

Thomas L. Rouse

John Jack Scheben Sr.

Robert Joseph Williams

Barb Bowling

Steve Conley

Snorky Douba

Earl Franks

Patrick Gettys

Estelle Hegge

George Kreidler Jr.

Steve Lump Jr.

Gurney Mitchell

Paul Russell

Peter A. Scheben

Albert H. Wind III

Ervin Bramlage

Kevin Davis

Kevin Gilpin

Mike Heidrich

George Kreidler Sr.

Steve Lumpp Sr.

Malcom Morin

John Rust

Tony Scheben

Kathleen Wind

Elmer Brennen

John Dunhoft

Paul Gronefeld

Rick Herzog

Norman Kruse

Ken Luxenberger

Mike Mulligan

Leon Shake Ryle

William L. Scheyer

Rick Wind

Greg Brinkman

Bruce Suedkamp 

Shawn Sims 

Renee Skidmore 

Jon Sterling 

honoring those who helped forge erlanger

The City of Erlanger would like to recognize the many achievements and long service of Dale Wilson.

Dale Wilson served our community diligently for nearly 21 years, coming to the City in October of 2001.  Dale’s service included many different positions, beginning as a Maintenance Worker 1 and Maintenance Worker 2. As opportunities arose, Dale subsequently was promoted to several additional positions from Crew Lead, Operations Lead, and ultimately serving out his career as Operations Manager.  

Dale represented the City and Department well, always striving to deliver the best services for this community.  Whereas Dale loved all that he did, I do believe his true passion showed in his ground maintenance duties, especially City beautification projects.  Dale’s efforts in moving this City and Department forward paved the way for many of us who continue to serve beyond his tenure by setting the highest standards in which this Department remains committed. 

Many awards have been bestowed upon Dale over his time with Erlanger; his Silver and Bronze Level Awards for “Community Safety and Health Programs” from the Kentucky League of Cities certainly were his highlights. However, what Dale truly cherished most of all were the simple dividends of his daily work along with the never ending respect of his peers.

As much as Dale enjoyed his career and serving the Citizens of Erlanger, his true passion in life is his family and his faith.  Dale never missed an opportunity to boast about both anytime a conversation allowed. Working along such a devout family man and Christian was our blessing as coworkers.    

Through everyday actions, Dale quietly and humbly served all by completing a career truly worthy of our admiration and envy. 

Provided by the Public Works Department

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