Garfield Sexton “Gar” began working for the City of Erlanger in 1967. At the time, Public Works was called the City Crew. The building was a block building located close to the area where Silverlake Park is now. City Crew included Leon Ryle, A.C. Caudill, Terry Allen, David Antrobus, Kenneth Tomlin, Gar’s good friend, Tony Thomas, and his brother, Ralph Sexton. Gar and his brother were really close. Tina, Gar’s daughter, said they were “thick as thieves.” Gar worked as an Equipment Operator. He could fix anything, which in turn, saved money and time for the city. He was great at anything mechanically. In 1989, Gar was appointed as Foreman. 

Gar and his wife, Della Jean, were Independence residents. They had 2 children, Tina and Rick, 4 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Gar was a self-taught musician who learned by ear and he could play any instrument. He played in a bluegrass band with Ralph. Besides music, he enjoyed fishing, gardening, and softball. He coached an all girls softball team, which his daughter played on. Colonial Cottage sponsored the team. 

In 1988, Gar and Della Jean bought a restaurant in Covington, called K&K. The couple met there in their teens during the 50’s. Gar retired from Public Works not long after. He loved spending time with his family and retiring allowed him to have more time with them. Della Jean and Ralph passed before Gar. He passed on March 25, 2018 surrounded by his family. 

Thank you, Gar, for your mark on Erlanger History. 

Written by Rachael LaPorte, Administration Department. Special thanks to Tina Garera.