Codes enforcement department

Administrator Mark Stewart

The Codes Enforcement for the City of Erlanger is handled within the General Government Department under the direction of Administrator Mark Stewart. Citation Officers Darryl Jouett and Shawn Sims are assigned to this division. They are responsible for day to day codes issues that arise within the city. If you have an issue with something you believe is in violation of the City of Erlanger Code of Ordinances, please send an email or call 859-727-7992.

What is “Codes Enforcement”? Codes Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of the City’s Codes and Ordinances which have been adopted over the years to help protect the health, safety and welfare of the residences. Together with the Codes Enforcement Board, the Codes Enforcement team ensures that the city does everything it can to maintain property values, community appearance and neighborhood pride.

Darryl Jouett

Citation Officer

Kenton County Vacant Foreclosed Property Registry

Mortgagees who file a foreclosure on a vacant residential property anywhere within Kenton County—including the City of Erlanger—must register it with the Kenton County Vacant Foreclosed Property Registry. This program is administered by Planning and Development Services of Kenton County as designated by Kenton County Fiscal Court.

Shawn Sims

Citation Officer

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