KCPC Hearing – July 10, 2024

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 • 6:15 PM
Kenton County Government Center • 2nd Floor • Fiscal Court Kenton Chambers 1840 Simon Kenton Way, Covington, KY 41011

Call to order

  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of service plaque to Dan McElheney, Erlanger representative 2022-2024.
  3. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
  4. Roll call; determination of a quorum
  5. Review of public hearing procedures

Administrative reviews and reports

  1. Review of this month’s agenda (action required)
  2. Review of last month’s meeting minutes (action required)
  3. Report of last month’s receipts and expenditures (action required)
  4. Report of last month’s actions by staff (no action required)
    • Subdivision Plat Letter
    • Stage II Updates
    • Cell Tower Updates
  5. Report of last month’s actions by our legislative bodies

Public Hearing

  1. FILE NUMBER: PC-24-0001-CT (action required)
    APPLICANT: Northstar Towers II, LLC per F. Keith Brown on behalf of Bach Farm, LLC
    LOCATION: 14235 George W Bach Road, an area of approximately 98.19 acres located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Moffett Road and George W Bach Road. The property also has frontage on the west side of Decoursey Pike approximately 2,400 feet south of Ishmael Road in Unincorporated Kenton County.
    REQUEST: Location and extent of a Wireless Communications Facility and associated ground structures, including one modification request to the required landscaping requirements.
    SUMMARY: The applicant proposes to construct a 199-foot macro cell tower with the following modification request: (1) perimeter evergreen tree screening to be planted in a straight row surrounding the compound where a staggered pattern is required.
  2. FILE NUMBER: PC-24-0002-CT (action required)
    APPLICANT: Baker Donelson per Erin Connelly on behalf of Vertical Bridge, LLC
    LOCATION: 6057 Taylor Mill Road; an area of approximately 0.83 acres located between Senour Road to the north and Klette Road to the south, approximately 450 feet south of Senour Road, in Independence.
    REQUEST: Location and extent of a Wireless Communications Facility and associated ground structures, including modification requests to the required setbacks, paving, and camouflaged tower design requirements. SUMMARY: The applicant proposes to construct a 155 foot macro cell tower with the following modification requests: (1) setbacks of approximately 60 feet from the north property line, 60 feet from the south property line, and 50 feet from the east property line where 77.5 feet is required; (2) a gravel driveway where a paved driveway is required; and (3) using a monopole design instead of an alternative tower structure.
  3. FILE NUMBER: PC-24-0011-MA (action required)
    APPLICANT: Greg Berling on behalf of Albert Jr. and Velma Jump LOCATION: An area of approximately 27 acres located approximately 950 feet south of Hogrefe Road and approximately 120 feet east of Melbury Court, east of the existing terminus of Berlander Drive, in Unincorporated Kenton County. REQUEST: A proposed map amendment changing the described area from A-1 (Agricultural-One) Zone to R-1E (Residential One-E) Zone. SUMMARY: The applicant is proposing to subdivide the property into single-family lots with a minimum lot area of 7,500 square feet.
  1. FILE NUMBER: PC-24-0014-TX (action required)
    APPLICANT: The City of Erlanger per Mark Collier, Director of Economic Development and Assistant City Administrator
    REQUEST: Proposed text amendments to the Erlanger Zoning Ordinance for medical cannabis uses: (1) to allow medical cannabis cultivation, processing, producing, and safety compliance facilities as permitted uses within the BP (Business Park), FI (Flex Industrial), and GI (General Industrial) Zones; (2) to allow medical cannabis dispensaries as a permitted use within the ROC (Residential Office Conversion), NC (Neighborhood Commercial), CC (Community Commercial), HC (Highway Commercial), and MU (Mixed-Use) Zones; and (3) establishing use specific standards, required off-street parking standards, and defining medical cannabis uses and related terms.
  2. FILE NUMBER: PC-24-0015-TX (action required)
    APPLICANT: The City of Elsmere per D. Marty Lenhof, Mayor
    REQUEST: Proposed text amendments to the Elsmere Zoning Ordinance to increase the maximum height of allowable side and rear yard fences within the GI (General Industrial) Zone from seven feet to eight feet, and to allow those same fence types to be located within front yards at a maximum height of eight feet.
  3. FILE NUMBER: W-24-0002 (action required)
    APPLICANT: Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel D. Arnold
    LOCATION: The termini of Pleasure Isle Drive located within the city limits of Erlanger.
    REQUEST: To grant a waiver to the following section of the Kenton County Subdivision Regulations: Figure A.1-Z, Detail #24 of the Kenton County Subdivision Regulations: Granting this waiver would allow the applicant to construct new public infrastructure within newly dedicated ROW at the end of Rising Ridge Drive that does not conform to Detail #24 of the Kenton County Subdivision Regulations.
  4. Reports from Committees (no action required unless requested) 
    • Bylaws
    • Direction 2030 Implementation
    • Executive
    • Social Media
    • Subdivision Review
    • Z21 Review Committee 

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